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Bringing Everyone Together for
a New Way and New Portland.

Deian is a fighter. He is a young diverse community leader with public service experience who has fought to solve problems and help everyone with a holistic, pragmatic, unique, authentic perspective since day one. He has served in numerous community, public, and leadership roles, as a maverick fighting for the right issues with keen deliberation and quick decisiveness.  Known for being able to work with a wide range of people ands build coalitions, Deian keeps his sights set on the greater goal and develops comprehensive, short term as well as long term solutions that intersect with many issues at once. He knows what it's like as a to be underrepresented and to not get investment. He beat the system himself, now he can beat it again for all of us!

Broad Experience

Deian has served on the Oregon Autism Commission as a self-advocate and Social Services Co-chair, Children's Levy Community Advisory Council, Governor's Child Foster Care Advisory Commission as an advocate with experience in the foster care system, Multnomah Democratic Party as a District Leader and Youth Chair, in Participatory Budgeting on the Youth Cohort, worked on campaigns and much more. 

Deian understands how safety, crime, mental health, opportunity, diversity, education, economics and government intersect and is committed to a multi-pronged agenda to solve these issues. Deian will move swiftly, collaboratively, and decisively to solve these issues with comprehensive, holistic policy solutions that balance various interests to ensure everyone, from cops and businesses to workers and our diverse communities have someone who is fighting for their interests in a common agenda.

Unique, Holistic, Pragmatic Perspective

Deian's background is a story that only Portland could tell. Born to a single working Latina mother in Salt Lake City Utah. His half-Jewish father died in Afghanistan before he could meet him. His grandfather was half-Pueblo, and his great grandparents were Jesuit immigrants from Mexico, once thought undocumented. Deian's mother grew up partially in a white foster home. Deian himself would also live in a white foster home soon after moving to Portland with his mother getting a violent partner. He first attended Robert Gray Middle School then attended and graduated from David Douglas High School. He identifies as a mainstream Christian.

But because of him living and breathing diversity, we can't lose sight of the big picture.  He fights for bold new ideas that tackle the most pressing issues we face. Rejecting false narratives, fighting for more and better police and practices and racial justice. Supporting the economic engine that is the environmentalism, working hand in hand with Labor and Business to create more opportunity in Portland:.


This is the kind of comprehensive scope you can expect from Deian when elected. 

District 1 will have it's fiercest fighter in someone who has lived in it for half his life, and he won't let it be underrepresented like the communities he has been a part of.

District 1 will have someone who sees himself in District 1 with the values District 1 believes in, and will never give up on our beautifully unique district.

Let's make District 1 number 1!

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