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New Way, New Portland

Opportunity and Jobs for all.
Launch comprehensive workforce development programs targeting East Portland's low-income workers, youth, those with disabilities, and the homeless to secure well-paying jobs in growing industries.
Stimulate small business growth and diverse entrepreneurship through financial incentives, mentorship programs, and by cutting red tape to make East Portland a beacon for innovation and creativity.
Create a Small Business Office.
Cut business license taxes and repeal the arts tax, and oppose tolls.
Attract businesses with a focus on sustainable and green technologies, ensuring East Portland leads in the new economy, while addressing the cost of living crisis and promoting socioeconomic mobility.
Prioritize policies that ensure every resident of East Portland has the opportunity to improve their economic status, focusing on education, training, and access to high-quality jobs.
Develop strategies to make East Portland an attractive place for a diverse array of businesses, fostering a vibrant, mixed-economy community that benefits all residents.
Address homelessness directly through economic development initiatives, providing job opportunities, training, and necessary support services to reintegrate homeless individuals into the workforce
Safety for all. 
It is the government’s basic duty to keep everyone safe and to promote accountability. We need more good cops, not less cops. We need more community policing, more patrols in areas like gateway to stop property crime, improve morale, expand the behavior health unit including with neurodivergence specialists, more police collaboration with community groups to break down biases, close the staffing gap, ensure 911 calls are answered within 20 seconds with more staffing, crime prevention through environmental design, and fund Portland Street Response.  As someone with professional experience on the Oregon Autism Commission and Governor’s Child Foster Care Advisory Commission, Deian knows that we need to reform our governing foster care and neurodivergence support architecture and overhaul our approach to mental health.

Homelessness and Housing Action
Let's Implement a multi-faceted approach to homelessness that includes safe, welcoming shelters, sobering centers, job and skill training programs, and support for transitioning into stable housing. 
Let's create a Homelessness and Housing office to comprehensively and swiftly address the issues as interconnected problems.

And create an environment to secure more mental health professionals to Portland
residents, while speeding up service navigation through coordination with the county.

Let's encourage the construction of diverse housing options through reexamining  building codes and providing incentives for mixed-income, multi generational, disability inclusive, and limited-profit housing types.
And fight drug use and sex trafficking by working with state and local agencies to reduce supply, provide support for those in need, and ensure safety and health for all Portland residents.
 Accountability for All.
Implement comprehensive performance and financial audits to ensure transparency and accountability in how every dollar is spent, making our government more efficient and just.
Expand the powers of the auditor, establish a formal impeachment process, and strengthen whistleblower protection programs to hold politicians accountable and combat corruption.
Empower the City Controller to oversee financial management and ensure integrity in the allocation of resources for public services.
Create a nonprofit oversight board and centralized hub for coordination, communication, and learning about nonprofits.
Prioritize spending on what we need most and create a page that lists real time updates of the city's financial accounts.

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